After hearing our great Jewish Chick Rock bands perform in our amazing new theater Jill’s Place, we were in for a real treat. Naomi Less, founder of Jewish Chicks Rock and bandleader of The Naomi Less Band, and her husband and fellow musician Glenn Grossman put on a concert for us!

The highlight of the evening was the song that Naomi and Glenn wrote specifically for Camp Louise. The lyrics (see below) tell it all! Campers and staff sang along with the words on the screen. During this past weekend, a group of our four weekers spent some time with Naomi learning the song and they performed it today for everyone – four weekers and our new two weekers who arrived just this morning.  What a great way to kick off this session!

I asked Naomi about her inspiration for the song that she and Glenn wrote for Camp Louise: “It was Shabbat a year or two ago and we were sitting and talking about how much we love being here (at Camp Louise) sitting on the grass up in the mountains looking at trees. We just felt so much gratitude and amazement about how wonderful a setting this was for these girls to grow up in. How powerful these friendships are that are cultivated and nurtured by really amazing older role models. We were struck by the actualization of all of these middot (values) that are taught here so visibly.”

Picture it – hundreds of campers and staff with their arms around each other singing and swaying. It was quite a beautiful sight!  Read the lyrics – the song practically wrote itself!


Camp Louise

By Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman


A special place up in the mountains

Tucked away from city life

Kindness flows through us like water

And hearts light up the darkest night



We lift each other higher, higher at Camp Louise

We make each other stronger, stronger at camp Louise

We live a life that’s kinder, kinder at Camp Louise

Knowing this place it’s our home (2x’s)


And while it’s here only in Summer

It lives within us all year long

And every day is filled with wonder

And each discovery makes us strong




We give love, love ahava

We know love, love ahava

And when we love, love ahava

We are one





Today’s Birthdays

Marcy – Bunk 6
Cassidy – Unit Leader F
Ani – Dining Hall Manager
Inge – Outdoors Counselor


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