What a way to start off our second two week session – Kim Possible Color Games 2019! After last night’s exciting break, today started with cheers, spirit and colorful outfits.

Today, the rain did not hold us back. We played a camp favorite – Human Anagrams. Name that Tune was a blast! In the gym, we played Capture the Flag, obstacle courses, tug-of-war and so much more!

In the Dining Hall, campers created Kim’s escape boat out of cardboard and packing tape, complete with team flags! The goal was to get the boats to float in a tub of water, but wait….not so easy. Rocks were placed in their boats and then the fun really began when the activity leader yelled SABOTAGE! Teams had 20 seconds to spoon water onto their competitors’ boats using a tablespoon to try to get them to sink.

At the pool, we had lots of fun relays. One of the cutest was Driving School where campers guided a raft/car with a driver in it. They went through a course, which included a traffic circle, stop sign, and the dreaded parallel parking. Then the car stopped at the tortilla stand where they got a bowl of tortillas. The challenge was to drive the raft back without getting the tortilla chips wet. Another fun event was the kickboard race, the contestants raced to “school” where the teacher would then ask a question – such as What year did the War of 1812 happen? Hmmm….

And of course, what’s Color Games without Counselor Hunt and Bucket Brigade?  But my all-time favorite is Closing Ceremonies where teams get to proudly present their banners, skits and songs.  Final pep points were collected and tallied.

We applauded everyone’s spirit and good sportsmanship and then we announced this year’s Color Games winner….


After such a fun, busy day, we will all sleep well tonight!



Today’s Birthdays

Mya – ST

Erin – CIT

Phillippa – Bunk 21 Counselor

Ani – Food Service Manager



Today was a very exciting day here at Camp Louise since Color Games broke last night!  Unit E was very enthusiastic to work on their colorful costumes.  This is my first summer here at camp, which made it a very interesting and somewhat overwhelming day.  Throughout the day, each team tries to earn “pep points” by being enthusiastic and peppy for their team.  They can do this by performing for members of the administration team.  I learned that many of my campers could do cartwheels, tell jokes and dance.  I loved being able to bond with my campers and counselors in this unique way during the day, even through the rain, all the campers were excited and had a positive attitude.
Have a great night!
 Amanda – Unit Leader, Unit E
Today’s Menu


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Breakfast Burrito | Scrambled Eggs | Hash Browns | Onions and Peppers | Cheese | Salsa | Sour Cream | Melon, Potato Bar | Mac and Cheese | Veggie Chili | Broccoli | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar, Pulled Chicken | Buns | Onion Rings | Green Beans | Pickles | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar


Today’s Weather

High: 74°F | Low: 63°F
The rain did not dampen our spirits or hold us back from the many activities happening at camp today!

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