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IMG_9722As if free swim at Camp Airy wasn’t already uber-popular, Log Rolling is now a new attraction. Why Log Rolling? Well that’s a good story.

I was exploring the exhibit area at the American Camping Association conference in March. Walking around with several of my Airy and Louise colleagues, we encountered an HUGE red log standing high in the air. Standing next to the giant log were two (comparatively) small people – a father and daughter duo from Minnesota. They were part of a family of champion log rollers.

So we got to talking, and I picked up a brochure, and watched their video, and began to daydream about that red log in the Airy pool. Bringing the log to camp would truly fit Airy and what we are about. Airy is about fun. Airy is about trying new things. Airy is about tackling a new challenge. Airy is about acquiring a new skill. Airy is about sharing experiences as a community.

When I look at this picture of an Airy camper battling the log in the pool, I notice several things. I see him actively engaged in the challenge. I see a young man who is taking a risk and trying something new. I also see a staff member nearby, keeping a watchful eye on the scene and ready to assist as needed.

The bond and relationship between camper and counselor is special. It is equal parts brother, friend, coach, mentor and teacher. There’s not too many other places where these connections can grow and develop.


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