ChickensFor the past two summers, we have partnered with a nonprofit organization called Amir to build a garden and farm program at Camp Louise. In year #3, we have decided to take it a step further. We have gone from one farmer to four. We have also added composting into the mix thanks to the guidance of our incredible and knowledgeable farmers. Even though camp has just begun, I have to say that we are all getting pretty good at it!

But I think one of the most exciting things that the farmers have brought this year is CHICKENS! We currently have 10 chickens roaming around the farm. They are laying an average of 6 eggs a day. It is great seeing the campers working in the farm, digging in the dirt, holding the chickens, learning where eggs come from – many campers actually had no idea! The campers have been learning about the connection of the compost and the chickens and the farm. The campers have gotten up close and personal with the chickens, as you can see in this great picture. The chickens have been named multiple times by the bunks. Some of my favorite names to date include Barushka, Cornelia and Stevie. Not sure which is which but the naming game has definitely become very popular in the farm.

Seeing many of the campers step out of their comfort zone in the farm has been incredible. With the encouragement and knowledge of our incredible team of farmers, this has become an increasingly popular activity at camp. Many of the campers don’t have the chance at home to watch chickens lay eggs and learn so much firsthand. It’s the beauty of camp – all the fantastic opportunities we are able to give to our campers. I am so grateful for this and can’t wait to see how the program continues to develop!


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Another day of no camper’s birthdays… I wonder what tomorrow holds…


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A hot day today, but some early evening thunderstorms cooled things down a bit.  We made it through all activity periods before the rain hit, so we got in a full day of fun!


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Director, Camp Louise

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