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As many of you know, yesterday was filled with LOTS and LOTS of rain and then we had a bit of a power outage last night and this morning. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this situation. As I looked around camp during the downpours of rain, I saw nothing but happy faces.

Yesterday, we celebrated History Day. We had about two dozen alumni come to camp to participate in the activities of the day. We had story telling, quilt making, history scavenger hunts, and our Run Louise Run program that I talked about in yesterday’s blog. Campers rotated through these stations learning about Camp Louise’s history and having a blast!

After dinner last night, we lost power. Rabbi Elissa said it the best – We may be without power, but we are not powerless.

As we gathered for Havdallah (see picture), we sang by flashlight and enjoyed each other’s company. This morning, we woke up to most of camp with power and still some areas of camp without, but it didn’t matter.

Our theme for the summer at both Airy and Louise is Sababa – It’s all good in the woods. When Marty (the Director of Camp Airy) and I were in Israel at a training seminar with our Shlichim (Israeli staff), we heard this word a lot. Sababa is a Hebrew word that means cool, great, no problem, awesome, it’s all good. What a fun word to say and a great motto for life.

We have said Sababa a lot this week and it has really taken on a great meaning for us during our little power outage. It is truly all good in the woods – with or without power. And we all decided that if we did have to be without power, there is no place we would rather be than with our camp family here at Camp Louise!

Good night and Sababa!



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