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I caught up with Bunk 22 tonight after their evening activity before bedtime. I was on the search to find the amazing log roller in this picture. I showed the picture to the girls in the bunk, and they immediately wanted to tell me all about their afternoon at the pool. There were shouts of:
– It was so fun!
– It was hard to stay on.
– Hard to stay on? I couldn’t even get on without falling off!
– I got on for maybe 3 seconds before falling in.

And the best statement of all –
– I can’t wait to do it again!

That is camp in a nutshell – getting up on that log roller even if it is just for three seconds, encouraging your friends to get up on the log, falling off, laughing about it, and looking forward to trying it again!

I told the girls that the record log roller last summer stayed on for 5 minutes and 20 seconds, and I asked them what they thought about trying to break the record. They burst into laughter!

One camper even suggested putting Velcro on the log to help them stay on longer.

The conversation then turned to life in Unit B. One camper said, “It’s not good. It’s great!” For new campers, it is just plain awesome and for our returners, it is even better than being in Unit A.

As the campers left Solarium to go back to their bunk, they continued to chat about their day – how refreshing the water is, how much they love playing with their friends at the pool, how much they enjoy the waterslides, how fun mermaid training is (also known as instructional swim, but way cooler than instructional swim), and the hardest part of their day…making a decision about what to get at canteen.

As you think about your day, did you try anything new? Did you fall and get back up? And most importantly – what did you pick for your nighttime snack?

Until tomorrow…..


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