Picture it – 50 campers plus over a dozen staff around a campfire singing fun repeat after me songs, learning new songs, signing old favorites, listening to stories, and what would a campfire be without a delicious s’more?! What a beautiful sight!

One of the songs that our amazing songleader has been teaching to all of our units (complete with hand motions of course) is “I’m Calling You” by Peter Rowan:

We all live on our own mountain, our own mountain so high

My mountain to your mountain, to my mountain so high

I’m calling you, I’m calling you

How appropriate is that song? On so many levels, the lyrics speak to us. Think about it. Literally, we are living on a mountain here in 21719. We can create our own mountain here – a little bubble away from the reality of our everyday lives. We can be whoever we want to be – recreating ourselves when we walk in the gate and up the hill – our own mountain so high. We can leave our troubles at home when we live on our own mountain. We can call on each other to help us, to support us, to encourage us – my mountain to your mountain. We can laugh with each other and lean on each other.

I’m calling you, I’m calling you.


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