Fort Ritchie

Today, our rising 4th and 5th graders went down to Fort Ritchie to play in the lake. The kids paddled on rafts and kayaks and explored the lake with their friends. They had a great time and the pictures are incredible. Parents – be sure to check them out through your Camp in Touch account.

It’s so great to have Fort Ritchie so close by. For many years, campers from Camp Louise would hike down a path to go and swim in the lake. It wasn’t until 1964 that the pool was built here at Camp Louise.

Just last week, there was a talk down at Fort Ritchie from one of the original Ritchie Boys. He explained that Fort Ritchie (or Camp Ritchie, as he referred to it) trained 10,000 soldiers who then became spies and interrogators for the American government during World War II. Many of the Ritchie Boys were Austrian and German Jews who had come to the United States before the start of the war. They were chosen because they could easily blend in and gain the confidence of the Nazis so they were able to gain information to pass onto the allies. The speaker proudly talked about his time as a Ritchie Boy and he now works at the Holocaust Museum in Michigan.

Who knew that there is so much history right here in our little town of Cascade, Maryland?



Today’s Birthdays

Arielle – CIT

Shaina – Counselor, Bunk 3

Steph – Staff Photographer

Nadine – Copper


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A truly gorgeous day here at Camp Louise!  Perfect camp day!


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