“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

Sometimes overlooked amid all of the action and adventure offerings that we have for campers at Airy are some activities that are (literally and figuratively) off the beaten path. Members of our nature and outdoors staffs invited campers fishing on Wednesday. On this morning after a sizable rain, and with cool temperatures, conditions were optimal.

And isn’t this picture just super?

Through this fishing trip down to our ponds, I know that our staff is delivering on an important Airy promise – to give campers as many opportunities as possible to learn and grow during their stay at camp. For some campers, we’re teaching a new skill. For others, we’ll helping to polish and refine talent and potential.

It can be as simple as a camper making the choice one evening to attend a Rocketry elective. When a camper gets down to the activity area, he’s working side by side with staff who model and guide him. The conversation may turn to what other offerings are in the Arts workspace – he’ll learn about tie dye, woodworking, painting and more. And just like that, a camper who came to camp thinking about just basketball and the ropes course has another interest and skill.

Through the fishing trip, these campers shared an experience while also working on personal skill development. When I bumped into the campers uphill at the rest period before lunch, they excitedly told stories of who caught (and released) what, and how big the fish were. They invited me to come next time. It was a compelling sales pitch. I would love to go – to see the campers and staff in action, and to learn something new myself.


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