ALICIA:  So good 2 C U tonight at the DINOmite Airy carnival!

MARTY:  It was so much fun and I laughed so hard, my throat is feeling SAURUS.

ALICIA:  I loved the TRICERATOPS costume.  We need to get one of those at Camp Louise!

MARTY:  And we’ll get the TRICERA-BOTTOM one at Camp Airy!

ALICIA:  Did you see the campers playing bubble ball soccer on the field?

MARTY:  I saw them DINO-SCORE!

ALICIA:  The snacks they served were delicious.  Did you have any?

MARTY:  I really could have gone for a DINO-S’MORE!

ALICIA:  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the fireworks.

MARTY:  They were definitely DINO-MITE!

ALICIA:  By the end of the night, everyone was exhausted from all the fun.

MARTY:  I’m probably going to DINO-SNORE tonight in my sleep!

ALICIA:  You know what animal is cousin to the dinosaur?

MARTY:  See you later, alligator!!!

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