“I’m Gonna Tell You How To Say”

After a long, hot day, energy can tend to be low. Walks up and down the hill can feel laborious, and water fountain lines are longer. But tonight, as soon as the air filled with singing, music and dancing, the lethargy shifted into “ruach!”

Our campers in white shirts, some with grape juice dribbled down the front, gathered at the Village Row Basketball Court to participate in our first song and dance session of the summer. The excitement particularly piqued when our song leaders Shy and Michael belted out “Shigaon” – the song where new Hebrew phrases are shouted out and repeated back. Who knew that learning how to say “where’s the lifeguard?” and “mosquito” in Hebrew could be so entertaining? And at the moment “Sieben Sieben” was heard through the speakers, there was dancing happening over every inch of that basketball court. Campers also danced to “Golden Boy” and “Bachalil.”

The evening ended with our Goodnight Song all together, a trip to Campteen, and then watching movies by division. Junior Camp watched “Earth to Echo”, while Senior Camp enjoyed “The Simpsons Movie” and trainees took in a showing of “Big Hero 6.”

Here’s looking forward to Saturday’s Shabbat festivities which begin with a late wake-up and optional breakfast!


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