What an incredible day here at Camp Louise – it’s Color Games! This session’s theme is Cereal Games (see video – it’s a riot!). It’s been a spirited day here at camp filled with ridiculously crazy costumes, loud cheers, and all-around fantastic fun!

After flag this morning, the captains came running out and Color Games began. The campers eagerly went into the Dining Hall to find out what team they were on. After team meetings this morning, activities began. There was a little something for everyone. Bunks earned points for clean-up inspection scores. Some campers spent time working on their team skit while others created a team banner. There were events on the field and at the pool. And then came one of my all-time favorite times of the summer…..Silent Lunch! The teams are awarded points for being quiet. Just imagine it – 600 people eating in silence. Announcements were a breeze today during lunch, as you can imagine! This afternoon, campers played games all over camp, including a Finish-That-Jingle contest. We gathered for a full-camp bucket brigade and counselor hunt. Dinner was Spoons Only – always entertaining to watch. Closing Ceremonies included skit and banner presentations, songs and cheers and lots of fun! It doesn’t even matter who won (yellow) because the day was just all-around amazing!

There are some truly phenomenal pictures of today’s crazy events. Be sure to check them out!  Everyone will surely sleep well tonight after today’s fun!



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High: 81°F | Low: 64°F
The sun was shining and it was another gorgeous day at camp!  There was a little bit of rain before dinner, but it didn’t stop the Color Games fun!


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