This summer at camp, get ready to reach the next level of extreme!  Camp Airy is proud to announce Parkour as the newest activity to our list of already super cool things.  For those not familiar with parkour, it is a new age sport where participants combine gymnastics with running and jumping.  Check out the promotional video and get ready for your next hobby!  We will be doing this as an add-on trip, traveling to a great facility located just down the mountain in Hagerstown, MD.  Campers will be able to pass through a series of clinics that allow them to progress, and we are even developing a way to keep track of your progress. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are!

Cost: $75
Session 1S/1L: Junior Camp & Senior Camp
Session 2L: Junior & Senior Camp

Open for junior and senior camp in 1S,

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