There is always a buzz around camp about Color Games – when will it break? Who are the captains? What is the theme?

And on Tuesday morning, the much-anticipated wait was over.

Camp was woken up by golf carts driving around camp with the captains, lieutenants, and co-captains cheering and playing music….and Super Mario Color Games has begun!

Each bunk received a mystery box on their porch to help them figure out what team they are on. Everyone excitedly changed into team colors.

Red – Mario

Pink – Princess Peach

Green – Luigi

Yellow – Princess Daisy

Yes, yes – I know. Not the normal colors…we swapped out blue for pink. Don’t worry – those blue tutus will come in handy for something else….plus there’s always next year.

Now, back to Color Games…After breakfast, teams gathered for their first spirited team meeting of the day where they learned cheers, their song and the schedule of the day.

Activities consisted of relays on the field and in the pool, trivia contests, and of course bucket brigade and tug of war. And my all-time favorite – silent lunch! Bunks earned pep points for inspection, spirit, and sportsmanship. All points matter and the count was close!

As we gathered together for Closing Ceremonies, teams presented their skits, cheers, songs and banners. And the winner was announced….


What a SUPER, fun-filled day!



This Week’s Birthdays

Addy – Bunk 22
Isabelle – Bunk 34

Lanie – Bunk 18
Naomi – Bunk 18
Sierra – Bunk 34
Tory – Bunk 9

Alejandra – Housekeeping Staff
Evie – Farming Department Head
Jill – Bonus Staff

Evie – Bunk 27
Grace – Bunk 27
Hildi – Bunk 7


Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McLouise Grilled Cheese Chinese Chicken Stir Fry
Fruit Tomato Soup Veggies
Veggie Sausage Goldfish Egg Rolls
Tater Tots Edamame
Salad Salad


Today’s Weather
High: 90°F | Low: 66°F

Feeling hot, hot, hot!


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