MIDDAH OF THE  WEEK – Gratitude/ hakarat hatov (recognizing the good)

  • Gratitude is all about seeing the good things in our lives and appreciating them, paying attention to them and thanking whoever or whatever has brought those good things into our lives. When you tell someone else what you’re grateful for, you help them be grateful too.
  • Living in a balanced way means your “thank you for” list should be longer than your “I want” list. How’s your balance today?
  • Often we don’t get everything we want and sometimes we don’t get anything we want. How can expressing gratitude for what we do have help us feel better about what we don’t have?
  • “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”
    Henri Matisse, French Impressionist painter

For our last Shabbat at camp this summer, many campers were nominated for demonstrating this week’s middah – gratitude/hakarat hatov.

Campers in Junior Camp were recognized for:

  • Always saying please and thank you
  • Being so happy and grateful to be at camp and to have all her friends around
  • Being so polite to everyone and being so thankful for her friends, counselors, and for camp
  • Showing true happiness just being at camp
  • Always looking on the bright side of things
  • Always showing respect and being very kind and honest as well
  • Writing notes to everyone in the bunk telling them why she is grateful for them!
  • Always being so gracious and thankful
  • Jumping into everything as a first year camper

Campers in Senior Camp were recognized for:

  • Showing immense gratitude for camp facilities and dining hall staff by always being the first to volunteer to help out even when it is not her job
  • Always looking for ways to show people how much she appreciates them
  • Thanking activity leaders
  • Always thanking people and caring for people

Trainees were recognized for:

  • Showing so much gratitude toward dance and the Dance Concert – helping out in any way possible with whatever was needed
  • Embracing the sillies and the activities
  • Always helping out around the bunk or with a friend
  • Always excited to be with little bunk and to give an extra helping hand at Arts & Crafts
  • Stepping up so much in department and always being willing to help run tech for an evening activity. When we thank this CIT for their time and assistance, they end up thanking the staff for giving them the opportunity. How amazing!

What a perfect week to think about gratitude. After waiting for this summer for two long years, we are incredibly grateful that we could be here and experience it together in person in 21719!

Shabbat Shalom!



This Week’s Birthdays

Addy – Bunk 22
Isabelle – Bunk 34

Lanie – Bunk 18
Naomi – Bunk 18
Sierra – Bunk 34
Tory – Bunk 9

Alejandra – Housekeeping Staff
Evie – Farming Department Head
Jill – Bonus Staff

Evie – Bunk 27
Grace – Bunk 27
Hildi – Bunk 7

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Cheesy Eggs Stuffed Shells Challah
Hash Brown Patties Garlic Bread Soup
Veggies Veggies Chicken
Melon Salad Latkes

Today’s Weather
High: 91°F | Low: 72°F

A hot day with an afternoon rain that cooled things down


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