Zooming in on this picture….what do you see? It’s interesting – lots of string and bead bracelets…it has to be camp…chipped nail polish – just because…and a disposable mask wrapped around a wrist – a definite sign of the times! More importantly – two campers working together to get over the wall on the ropes course. And human touch – something we have missed for the past year and a half.

At camp, yes – we have all of our COVID protocols in place (masking when necessary, household groups, many outdoor activities, and lots more), but in so many ways – it is also just camp! The true smiles on faces – that many parents tell me they haven’t seen in a very long time and the hugging and singing and sense of community that we have all longed for this year.

These campers are literally getting each other over the wall, but it is so much more than that. As we reflect on the past week that we have been together (truly together) at camp and we look ahead at the next two weeks – it is definitely remarkable the many walls we help each other get over.

Everyone has been through so much this year, and it is time to get over the wall and put so much in the past. Look ahead, grab onto a friend and hoist yourself over that wall!

We can do it – TOGETHER!


This Week’s Birthdays

Audrey – ST
Tamar – Counselor

Lily – Bunk 21
Emmy – Bunk 23
Yasmine – Bunk 27
Tory – Bunk 9

Samara – Bunk 7
Josie – Counselor

Sydney – ST


Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner (BBQ)
French Toast Grilled Cheese Hamburgers
Eggs Tomato Soup Hot Dogs
Melon Goldfish Veggie Dogs
Cereal Tater Tots Corn
Salad Cole Slaw


Today’s Weather
High: 79°F | Low: 55°F

It’s so funny – no matter what the weather, it always seems to be sunny and warm at the Camp Louise pool!


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