What advice would you give to a first year camper?

Well, I asked a group of Unit F (rising 9th grade) campers (three of whom are first years themselves) and they had A LOT to tell me!

They told me:

Put yourself out there.

Study your environment first.

Be open and willing to make new friends.

Come in with an open mindset.

Take time to bond with your bunk.

Once you start talking, it just gets easier.

One brand new camper in the bunk told me that she was nervous on the first day, but then she quickly joined in an improv game that her counselors started and before she knew it – she was “laughing so, so hard” with her bunkmates and it has just been amazing ever since. By the end of the first day, they already had inside jokes! And others assume that they have all been here and been together forever! The bunk also shared that their counselors are respectful, interactive and fun and that makes such a difference!

The campers could not tell me enough about the friendships they have created this year. And the last bit of advice they gave me:

Come to camp to find your forever friends and make friends for life!

I couldn’t have said it better myself!



This Week’s Birthdays

Audrey – ST
Tamar – Counselor

Lily – Bunk 21
Emmy – Bunk 23
Yasmine – Bunk 27
Tory – Bunk 9

Samara – Bunk 7
Josie – Counselor

Sydney – ST


Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner (Breakfast for Dinner)
Yogurt Parfait Pizza Cinnamon Rolls
Granola Caesar Salad Breakfast Sausage
Fruit Sauteed Veggies Eggs
Bagels Zucchini Fries Biscuits
Salad Bar Hash Browns


Today’s Weather
High: 81°F | Low: 59°F

Gorgeous days at Camp Louise!


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