We end every day with our Goodnight Song, but last night was a bit different. As we started singing, the Sesame Street theme song came on and people in tutus and high socks ran through blowing whistles and cheering. And Sesame Street Color Games 2021 began!

Red Elmo

Blue Cookie Monster

Green Oscar the Grouch

Yellow Big Bird

Teams started earning points right away for quiet bunks at bedtime. In the morning, team meetings were held to get everyone excited for the day! Then, we had rotations at the pool and on the fields, a big bucket brigade, and human anagrams!

In keeping with the theme, of course, some fun games included Bert and Ernie’s 3-Legged Race, Oscar’s Trash Bag Relay, Big Bird’s Tower, Capture the “Cookie” and Tug of War, and how could we not search for the rubber duckies in the pool?!

And then a staff all-time absolute favorite…silent lunch! Ah, the sounds of nothing in the Dining Hall!

The afternoon was filled with more games, including a big trivia event and another team meeting to prepare songs and cheers. And did I mention that inspection counted for points too! Bunks have never been cleaner!

After a full day of activities, we all gathered in Jill’s Place for Closing Ceremonies where teams presented skits and banners that they worked on throughout the day, along with cheers and their team song!

A really great day was had by all filled with competition, sportsmanship, teamwork and some good old-fashioned fun!

And if you were wondering, the winner was…..THE GREEN TEAM!

Laila Tov, Sesame Street!


This Week’s Birthdays

Leah – Bunk 26
Noa – ST

Carly – Bunk 31
Nora – Bunk 16
Abby – Bunk 34

Aria – Bunk 29

Mia – Bunk 30
Mia – Bunk 35

Lilah – Bunk 34

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McLouise Baked Potato Bar Chinese Stir Fry
Veggie Sausage Patties Veggie Chili Veggies
Fruit Broccoli Rice
Cereal Cheese Egg Rolls

Today’s Weather
High: 86°F | Low: 66°F

It was a sunny day on Sesame Street today!

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