• “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – anonymous, possibly of African origin. Have you ever tried to do something alone and then figured out that with help you could do it better? That’s teamwork/avodat tzevet!!


  • “If two ropes are tied together, untying one means untying both.” (The Talmud – Leviticus Rabbah) Whether we act like team players or not, we are all tied together especially at camp. When one of us struggles, we all do. How can you help keep a friend keep from getting “untied?”


  • “The person who thinks s/he can live without others is mistaken; the one who thinks others can’t live without her/him is even more deluded.” (Chasidic Proverb)  Have you ever been on a team with someone who thought they were the most important player? Did that help the team succeed?

Our Middah of the Week was teamwork/avodat tzevet – what a perfect one for camp and especially for this week with Color Games!

Our nominees this week were caught around camp:

  • During Color Games, this Unit A camper switched with a friend doing the skit because the friend was sad that she was missing the other activities. This Unit A camper always wants to help a friend and is kind to those around her. Teamwork is one of her many strengths.
  • Another Unit A camper is an amazing team player, especially during Color Games, working well with her teammates to do every activity.
  • This Unit B camper always helps friends clean their areas during inspection and she was super involved during Color Games – participating and encouraging others too!
  • Another Unit B camper is always one of the first to step in and help a friend who needs it. She is consistently a team player!
  • And yet another Unit B camper is always willing to help whether she is cleaning the table or the bunk or walking a friend to the infirm. She always supports her friends and everyone knows they can rely on her. She is the embodiment of teamwork!
  • During Color Games, no one from Unit C wanted to do the skit so they picked someone random. At the second team meeting, the camper was sad she wasn’t in her first Color Games so this Unit C camper stepped in and took her place. She put great effort into the skit and she did great! She wanted to help out her team!
  • This Unit D camper made her friend’s bed and did her chore when she was in the infirm so the bunk would do well for inspection! She also always helps out at meals.
  • Another Unit D camper was an amazing team player in yoga this week. A lot of her bunkmates were not feeling 100%. This camper finished early, took the initiative to help people complete their yoga pose dolls, and then also started cleaning up without being asked. Her extra effort was greatly appreciated.
  • During team activities in yoga, this Unit E camper took a leadership role in organizing her bunk. She then did an amazing job of transitioning from that role to a participant in the rest of the activity period that was focused on team group poses and sequencing. The bunk was walking away when this Unit E camper noticed a few things left behind by her bunkmates, so she went back to retrieve them for her friends.
  • Another Unit E camper was playing soccer really well with her team even though most did not know how to play. She led them through the entire game and never complained about how tired she was or about anything.
  • This Unit F camper is the first to volunteer to clean, fix a toilet, or deal with a bug – whatever is needed!
  • These two Unit F campers signed up for the mermaid-milers morning and worked together to swim laps and encourage each other even though they both do not swim competitively.  They wanted to try something new together.
  • Her counselors report that this ST was an active participant in Color Games and worked very well with the other campers on her team. She participated in the three-legged race and the pool activities.
  • This CA helped out an injured camper to get to an activity. The two of them worked together and even got to the activity on time.
  • Another CA always is willing to help, knows what to do – even before being asked. She takes initiative and just jumps in and helps out!
  • During Via, these two CITs worked together to support each other, allowing them both to successfully complete the climb!

We are so proud of all of our nominees.

It is so hard to believe the third week of camp is over…here’s to a great week #4!

Shabbat Shalom!



This Week’s Birthdays

Leah – Bunk 26
Noa – ST

Carly – Bunk 31
Nora – Bunk 16
Abby – Bunk 34

Aria – Bunk 29

Mia – Bunk 30
Mia – Bunk 35

Lilah – Bunk 34

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Cheesy Eggs Stuffed Shells Soup
Hash Browns Garlic Bread Challah
Melon Veggies Chicken
Cereal Salad Latkes

Today’s Weather
High: 90°F | Low: 66°F

A warm, sunny day in 21719!

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