The last week of camp is filled with so many traditions. It started on Sunday night with our big musical production of Moana – with 40 camper actors, 9 campers on stage crew/tech, 2 drama tech CITS, an ST assistant director, plus lots of staff including a director, a producer, a tech director, 3 drama staff and a few special staff cameo appearances.

It was a truly spectacular performance and when you think about the fact that it is put together in less than 3 weeks, it is truly incredible! During their cast party, they circled up and shared things that they appreciated about the experience. Kids complimented the crew (which is often a thankless job), some individual performances, but mostly they shared their love of the large group numbers and noticed the little things that made the show shine. They shared general appreciation for making new friends and having such a positive experience. About a third of the group had never been in a play before anywhere and loved it. They talked about community and the excitement they felt and having the camp cheering for them, in addition to their pride in getting past nerves, and their happiness at watching each other. They also loved the guest stars.

The week continued with our beloved Folkdance Festival in Solarium. This year’s theme was Folk-lympics! Each unit had the opportunity to perform, and the trainees have especially been waiting for this evening activity with anticipation for so long. Each trainee group has a special dance and it is most definitely a rite of passage that they are honored to perform.

And for our closing night, we can’t wait for Dance Concert. This year’s theme is Screen to Stage. This night is always filled with incredible performances, spirit and talent. I, for one, cannot wait!

What a way to wrap up the session! And we are just so grateful to be in such a wonderful, safe place that we are able to enjoy these performances all together as one camp!

Laila Tov!


This Week’s Birthdays

Hannah – ST
Benny – Unit F

Rachel – CA
Marissa – Staff Life

Curtis – Kitchen

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Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Yogurt Grilled Cheese Pulled Chicken Sandwiches
Fruit Tomato Soup Fries
Bagels Tater Tots Salad
Cream Cheese Goldfish


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High: 81°F | Low: 64°F

Gorgeous, sunny day!


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