How is it the last day of camp?! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were welcoming in over 400 campers with a brand new plan for Opening Day – having parents drive into camp and do the whole check-in process from their cars, teaching campers our new COVID protocols in the Dining Hall, showing them our new handwashing stations, putting blue tape in Jill’s Place so we can safely distance, creating new outdoor spaces around camp for dance rehearsals, cookery, music on the White House lawn, taping up the gym floor to folkdance in our bunk circles on Friday nights, and so much more!

And now here we are – going through Lost and Found, announcing bunk inspection winners, giving out our 3-5-7-9 year coveted incentives, singing our last Goodnight Song of the session, enjoying Rocky’s pizza, putting luggage on our porch, enjoying some last night bonding with star gazing, trust walks, giggles during social flashlight time and reminiscing about the memories of the summer.

We have played and sang and laughed and made new friends and dressed up in crazy costumes and tried new activities and even some new foods.  We have worn Crocs and high socks and tutus and patterned rain boots and Spiderman backpacks.

And tonight as our campers sit at their own tables for Shabbat dinner to enjoy whatever food they have been craving and not eaten for the last four weeks, we will all think about the past month that we have all been together.

As I sit in our very quiet Dining Hall tonight, I think about this part of our Friday night service as one of our CITs would be singing:

As we hold this cup of wine, let us praise God with this symbol of joy, and thank God for life and strength, for home and love, (this is the best part – when the whole camp joins in for these next two words – it gives me the chills every time) and friendship. And for Sabbath peace.

And to our first session families – wishing you all a year of life and strength, home and love and friendship and Sabbath peace.

Until next summer!


This Week’s Birthdays

Hannah – ST
Benny – Unit F

Rachel – CA
Marissa – Staff Life

Curtis – Kitchen

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs At home or on the way! At home or your favorite restaurant - much quieter than our full, happy Dining Hall! 
Home Fries
Sauteed Veggies


Today’s Weather
High: 79°F | Low: 59°F

A beautiful day in Cascade, MD as we say goodbye to all of our first session campers…hope it’s just as beautiful where you are headed too!


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