Happy 4th of July

The CIT packing list involves the typical items – shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, towels, bathing suits, etc – and all of the many CIT extras…..a ton of costumes for various occasions, including multiple tutus and of course – July 4th whites.

For the CITs who have been attending camp second session for years and years, they have never even seen this ceremony. But for the ones who attended first session, they have been watching it for what seems like forever! And now it is finally their turn. They get to proudly raise the American flag in our Dining Hall.

Right before the ceremony, one of the CITs told me how nervous she was. She has been watching this since she first started camp in 2013. It’s hard to believe!

In our flag raising ceremony, we share:

“Our flag represents the ideals of justice and liberty on which our nation was founded. Here at Camp, this flag not only serves as a symbol of the history of our country, but as a reminder of the men and women who worked to establish a place where every camper can be themselves and be a part of a kind and accepting community.

When we raise our flag, we remind ourselves that we have to work to uphold the ideals it represents. As members of the Camp Louise community we should ensure that we accept others for who they are and work to live the good we have learned here.

And with those words, the CITs march into the Dining Hall – the one with the most sessions has the honor of carrying the flag.

This is an important milestone for the CITs – one of many this summer.

We are so proud of our CITs and we truly cannot wait for all that is in store for them this summer!

Happy 4th of July!


This Week’s Birthdays

Nola – Bunk 15

JULY 5 –
Yael – Unit F Counselor
Lauren – Director of Development

Ruby – Bunk 22

Erin – ST Counselor

Jordan – Doctor

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Bagels Pizza Meatball Subs
Cream Cheese Caeasar Salad Fries
Eggs Sauteed Veggies Broccoli
Fruit Zucchini Fries Cauliflower

Today’s Weather
High: 81°F | Low: 55°F

A gorgeous sunny day at camp!

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