Pure Joy and Innocence

This year has been filled with Zoom school, virtual get-togethers, only seeing the top half of everyone and wondering what pajama pants they are wearing, not knowing how tall people are, drive-in movies or movies on driveways even in the dead of winter, only seeing people’s eyes, wearing masks, outdoor dining, virtual Bat Mitzvahs, drive-by birthday celebrations, endless hours of Netflix, heat lamps on decks, Zoom Seders….you get the picture.

The pure joy and innocence in this picture captures the hope and optimism for brighter days ahead. This first year Unit A camper is making a “fairy house” and simply enjoying nature and her friends (just off camera) who are helping her collect items for this creative project.

After the activity, she skipped off with her friends smiling and giggling and getting ready for the next adventure around the corner.

And that is the beauty of camp, the pleasure in the simplicity of nature, the warmth of being surrounded by friends, the ability to live in a loving community, the creativity of building and creating, and the pure happiness of being back in 21719.

We have been longing for this and now we are here savoring every moment!


This Week’s Birthdays

Nola – Bunk 15

Yael – Unit F Counselor
Lauren – Director of Development

Ruby – Bunk 22

Erin – ST Counselor

Jordan – Doctor

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Yogurt Chicken Tenders Breakfast for Dinner
Granola Curly Fries Cinnamon Rolls
Bagels Corn Veggie Sausage
Cream Cheese Salad Eggs
Fruit Hash Browns

Today’s Weather
High: 91°F | Low: 66°F

A warm day with a chance of rain….we shall see?!

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