Camp Airy Director’s Blog – July 20, 2016

IMG_6160 What’s better than the opening night of the Camp Airy Olympics? That’s an easy one- the first FULL DAY of the Camp Airy Olympics.

What did we do today?

Scavenger Hunt
Amoeba Tag
Outdoors Challenge
All-Star Games
Bunk Inspections
The Amazing Race
Spike Ball
Synchronized Dancing
Track and Field
Swim Meet
Team Skits
Song Fest
Family Feud

Waiting for us on Thursday – Breakfast Bingo, Inspections, All-Star Games, Flag Presentation, Tug-o-War. Will perhaps a silent meal make an appearance?

The day is bittersweet. For as exciting and exhilarating as Olympics are, it means we are turning the page to the the last full day of camp. Lots of fun and lots of emotions for this day. I look forward to every minute.


Today’s Birthdays


Today’s Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McAiry | Hashbrowns | Fruit and Yogurt Meatball Subs | Waffle Fries | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar Pasta Bar | Red and White Sauce | Salad Bar
Today’s Weather

High: 88°F | Low: 70°F
It never gets old saying this – Another beautiful day in Thurmont