Pick Me! Pick Me! Camp Louise Fall Harvest Dates

IMG_7038This summer, campers and staff built the biggest garden Camp Louise has seen yet, and it is currently producing tons of produce that is ready to harvest! Camp Louise has been fortunate to partner with a local Cascade church to help distribute and donate produce to people in need in the local community. However, in order to make the biggest impact possible we need your help to harvest!

louise harvest shirts 2015
Please use the below form to sign up for the harvest, which will run from 2:00 PM until approximatley 3:30 PM on each date listed below. At each harvest day, volunteers will get to enjoy being back at camp for a few hours by harvesting from the farm and helping to bring it to the local Church. Volunteers will also get a harvest volunteer T-shirt and will get to eat some produce from the farm!

  • Please list all family members who will be attending the harvest.
    Please select the dates you are available for harvesting. The harvest will be 2:00 PM - ~3:30 PM on each day.