Directors’ Blog – August 1, 2017

Unit A and Rookies jumped around,
Sky Zone is a cool place in any town.

Unit B bowled and knocked down pins,
The camper with the most strikes usually wins.

Unit C saw the Keys on Monday,
Then the guys and girls swapped camps today for a fun day.

Unit D played at the Family Fun Park,
Mini Golf and Water Balloons both hit the mark.

Unit E skated at a Hagerstown rink,
They raced and jumped more than you think.

Unit F hit the lanes for bowling as well,
We’ll SPARE you a bad pun – isn’t that swell?

The trainees are away on their overnights,
For Cedar Point, Greenbriar, and Guppy Gulch delights.

Marty and Alicia

Today’s Airy Birthdays


Today’s Airy Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Challah French Toast | Scrambled Eggs | Fruit and Yogurt | Cereal Bar Grilled Cheese | Tomato Soup | Goldfish Crackers | Roasted Veggies | Pasta Bar | Salad Bar| WING NITE | Sauces | Roasted Veggies | Tater Tots | Celery and Carrots | Pasta Bar | Salad Bar
Today’s Airy Weather

High: 80°F | Low: 67°F
A really nice day with a few minutes of rain around lunch time

Today’s Louise Birthdays

None – Happy Un-Birthday to All!

Today’s Louise Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Eggs | French Toast | Melon | Cereal Bar Fish | Mac and Cheese | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar Veggie Fried Rice | Stir Fried Chicken | Egg Rolls | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar
Today’s Louise Weather

High: 85°F | Low: 67°F – Gorgeous day!