Directors’ Blog – July 31, 2018

Tuesday, July 31

Dear Marty,

Camp t-shirt – check. Socks on – check. Buses loaded – check.

The girls are on their way to meet up with the boys for an afternoon of fun! I am so glad the rain is holding out. I can’t wait to see pictures of all of the great activities going on!

Gotta love AiryLou Afternoons out!



Dear Alicia,

I just saw everyone arriving back from their trips.

Rookies said bowling is right up their alley!
Unit A said their trip to Sky Zone reached great heights!
Unit B got the ball rolling at bowling!
Unit C broke the ice with each other at ice skating.
Unit D shore had a great time at the water park.
Unit E let the good times roll at roller skating.
Unit F had fun bowling in their spare time.

And we have gotten lots of positive reports from the trainees on their overnights. Can’t wait to see them back at camp tomorrow!


Today’s Birthdays

Camp Airy – none
Camp Louise – Jocelyn – Bunk 24; Stephanie – ST; Melanie – Counselor

Today’s Menu – Airy
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Egg McAiry | Hashbrowns | Fruit and Yogurt | Cereal Bar Mac N Cheese | Tuna | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar | S'More Pies WING NITE | Tater Tots | Celery | Carrots | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar
Today’s Menu – Louise
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
French Toast | Scrambled Eggs | Melon | Cereal Bar Grilled Cheese | Tomato Soup | Goldfish | French Fries | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar Chicken | Oven Roasted Potatoes | Broccoli | Rolls | Salad Bar | Pasta Bar
Today’s Airy & Louise Weather

High: 80°F | Low: 73°F
Cloudy and rain off and on – but all activities a go!!!