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Meet the DirectorMeet the Director


Marty Rochlin

Director, Camp Airy

What was your first year as a camper and at which camp?

My first summer at Camp Airy was 1984. I was in Bunk 30 and I remember chipping my tooth one night, and I had to go to the dentist. I remember being excited to see my parents again and then immediately wishing I could go back to camp already.

Where are you originally from?

I’m originally from Pikesville, MD. I moved to Owings Mills when I was 13 years old.

Where do you currently live?

You can bump into me in the grocery stores of Ellicott City. I live with my wife Pam, and our daughter Lilly.

What is your favorite camp food?

Hands down, my favorite camp food has to be the pizza bagels! I also love the s’mores, cookouts, and milkshakes from Cabana.

Two truths and a lie: Tell us three fun facts about you- two truths, and one that’s a lie (answer below)

  1. I learned to play the card game Spades at camp. My partner and I – Ryan Hotchkiss – were camp champions in 1991.
  2. Once on a bunk hike, our counselors led us to Pizza Hut. The hike master, Mike Loucas, found out later on … and let’s just say he was not pleased.
  3. As General, my Olympic theme for the green team was “Marty-Gras.” We won on the last tug o’ war.

How do you find your inner awesome each summer?

I find my inner awesome by telling really great jokes on stage to the world’s best campers and staff…VELCRO- what a rip off!

Two truths and a lie: #3 is a lie