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Applying for a CampershipApplying for a Campership

pool-wall-climb-boysFrom its inception in 1922, our institutional visionaries shared an ambition that Camps Airy and Louise would be available to children, including those without sufficient financial resources, who wished to enrich their lives through participation in Jewish camping. Subsequently the Straus-inspired camperships have consistently underwritten this aspiration to support those in need and bunks full of happy children have benefitted over the years. And the awards have come with only one condition—upon arrival at camp, no child’s financial status would be shared with anyone. In other words, every camper would confidently step onto the mountain with equal footing.

Like a scholarship, consideration for campership funding requires completing some forms, supplying some supporting documentation and paying attention to some deadlines. And like a scholarship, camperships come with no obligation for repayment.

If you are interested in applying for a campership, please refer to the following checklist:

  • Camper Registration: Please complete and submit the camper registration form for Summer 2018, along with the accompanying refundable deposit. The campership application cannot be reviewed before your camper is registered.
  • Campership Application Form: Please complete and submit (by postal mail or in person) the completed Campership Application, along with supporting documentation including
    • copies of all 2016/2017 IRS Form 1040, 1040A 1040 EZ (all pages)
    • copies of all 2016/2017 W-2 Forms
    • copies of all 2016/2017 1099 Forms
    • copies of recent pay-stubs

Note: All copies of financial records (tax forms, W-2, etc.) will be shredded after application has been considered. Please be sure to send us only copies of your materials.

  • Campership Application Review: In most circumstances we are able to complete the campership application review without the need for an in-person interview, so we are pleased to offer a remote review of your materials. This might require some phone communication should we have any need for clarification. However, should you wish to make arrangements for an in-person review of your campership application we are very pleased to accommodate. Upon completion of the review you will be notified as soon as possible about the award decision and you will be provided information about subsequent payment plan opportunities. Please know that we will make every effort to attend to your need for privacy.


  • The deadline for Campership Applications is December 1, 2017.
  • All other reviews will be made available as soon as the completed camper registration, campership application, and supporting materials are received.