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Financial SupportFinancial Support

From its inception in 1922, our founders Uncle Aaron and Aunt Lillie Straus shared a vision of a Jewish summer camp that would be available to all children regardless of their financial footing. They were determined that a fun, meaningful summer camp experience should be open to every child no matter when their financial circumstances.


At Camps Airy & Louise, we are proud to continue the values of our founders. To make this possible, Camps Airy & Louise offer Camperships to every child who needs it. Since the camps were first founded, Straus-inspired camperships have underwritten part of the costs of sending children in need to Camps Airy & Louise. Bunks full of happy children have enjoyed a real summer break thanks to Campership awards. Many have grown up to help fund Camperships for new generations of campers without knowing about the help they themselves received from the same source.

Like a scholarship, consideration for campership funding requires completing a few forms, supplying some supporting documentation and making sure you submit everything on time. And like a scholarship, camperships come with no obligation for repayment.

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First-time Camper Incentive

For over 90 years, Camps Airy & Louise have been dedicated to the belief that a good summer camp brings multiple important benefits for campers. Because we are so certain that every child can grow and gain from a summer spent at camp, we offer a financial incentive to help out new families who might be put off by the expense of camp.

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