The start of camp is now just days away for our first set of campers!  As you prepare for camp, we wanted to provide a quick reference email to easily locate information to help you get ready for an amazing summer.  This is a great email to save and refer back to – even if your camper isn’t joining us until later in the summer.

Click here to check out the recommended packing list for Camp Airy andCamp Louise.  Please use this as a guide, but feel free to modify as it suits your camper.  Please label ALL clothing – we do our best to get all lost items back to campers – labeling is key!   And, for more about packing and unpacking at camp, check out the videos at the bottom of the page, where Stacy, Assistant Director of Camp Louise, goes shopping at Walmart for camp and sets up a bunk at both Camp Airy and Camp Louise.   And… check out this blog from a Camp Airy parent with some tips and tricks!

As reminder, Camps Airy and Louise are screen-free.  The only electronics allowed in camp are screen-less music players (e.g. iPod Shuffle, mp3 players, CD players) and digital cameras.  All other music players, eBook readers, portable game devices, and video players are prohibited.  For more on the policy, please see here.

Mail time is a truly amazing scene: the joy of a camper opening a handwritten letter is great!  Please be sure to write often – but please do not send packages.  Camps Airy and Louise accept parcels that are in a flat envelope – no larger than 12” x 15” x ¾” – and do not contain food items.  For more on the policy, and how to properly send items that were forgotten at home, please see the bottom of this policy page.

CampInTouch is your place to check out hundreds of photos posted daily (in the morning, typically by ~10:30AM barring any technical difficulties!) as well as to send emails to your campers and pre-print e-Letters for your camper to take to camp.  Click here for  detailed information on CampInTouch communications.

Marty and Alicia write daily blogs about great stories and memories being made at Camps Airy and Louise.  To assist families in being “pushed” the blogs, we encourage you to add Marty and Alicia as friends on Facebook.  Every day during camp, their blog will be posted to their individual Facebook pages (as well as to the bottom of our homepage if you are a Facebook holdout!).  Marty and Alicia will be sending friend invites out to all parent emails registered for camp to make the process as easy as possible – but please feel free to add Marty and/or Alicia as friends with the above links ahead of the Facebook email!  Please expect this email from Facebook within the next week.

Each camper will be in a Unit with campers from the same grade.  The Unit Leader is your main point of contact while your camper is at Camps Airy and Louise.  Please contact your Unit Leader (you will receive contact information upon arrival at camp) for any questions or concerns.  S/he can be reached through either email or by leaving a phone message in our Camp Office – (410) 466-9010.  Please allow your camper’s Unit Leader some time to respond – s/he will likely be out with the campers upon your contact and require some time to look into your concern prior to responding.

Note that Camps Airy and Louise have one phone number to be used year-round:  (410) 466-9010.  During the camp season, you will be given options to connect from this number to the Camp Office or Health Center of your choice.   During the off-season, this number will go directly to our Baltimore office.

By now, you should have already completed your Forms in CampInTouch for the summer and received a “thumbs up” from us!  If not, please work to get your forms in as soon as possible.  Note that the camper profile form will only be available until 1 week prior to your camper’s start so that we may compile the information to share with our staff.

Please be sure to know the details of drop off (and pick up).  We will send a few more details one week before both drop off and pick up… but start familiarizing yourself now with our process.

If you have ANY questions about preparing for camp, please reach out!  Feel free to email or call us at our one-stop phone number:  (410) 466-9010.

We look forward to seeing you at camp in the very near future!

—Marty, Alicia, and all of us at Camps Airy and Louise

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