It’s finally come to this. After decades of debate and many wars of words, Airy and Louise have reached a pivotal fork in the road regarding … pizza.

The history of camp pizza parties is well documented. But who knew that hundreds of cheese pizzas were being served with a side of hard feelings and resentment? You see, each camp thought it was eating the best Rocky’s pizza.  It’s always been that way.

Well, this summer of 2020, campers and staff will find out once and for all. Camp Airy will enjoy exclusively Rocky’s Pizza from Cascade, MD;

and Camp Louise will celebrate its special occasions with the pizza from Rocky’s in Thurmont.

There are mixed feelings out there amongst camp staff and families. Camp’s Director of Operations, Neil Berlin shared a unique perspective having spent many summers at each camp:

“I love Rocky’s, but I also love Rocky’s. Without a doubt, Rocky’s is better.”

Families that have both Louise and Airy campers shared another point of view – the Shoemaker family for example. They come all the way from Florida for Rocky’s … oh, and for camp friends.

Said Jordan: “Rocky’s is tops – no doubt.”

Sydney retorted: “Right … no wait, Rocky’s is the best.”

Perhaps the situation was best summed up by a long-time camp family – the Fresca/Bronze clan. Wendy and Scott (now parents) were campers back in the day, and cousins Kayla and Jordyn and Parker and Toby are all campers now.

In unison, they exclaimed “Rocky’s rocks.”

Then quizzically, they exchanged heated “Rocky’s, not Rocky’s.”

At last report, the dispute was still playing out over social media, FaceTime and Google Hangout.

It is expected that this rivalry will consume the camp news cycle as summer approaches. Stay tuned for more updates.



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