1.) Whenever you see the camp photographer:

2.) Walking off the stage after crushing your dance concert routine:

3.) When Alicia asks who wants to lead Hamotzi:

4.) Looking up at the sky during N.U.T.S. :

5.) When you are named mermaid of the day:

6.) You want to skip the cleaning part of cookery and go straight to the eating part:

7.) Friday nights look like this:

(except in all white)

9.) Taking pictures with your bunk on CAB night:

10.) ODL night:

11.) when you make a video in multimedia that turns out to be pretty cool:

12.) mastering the adventure park like:

11.) bringing home 50+ arts projects you made for your mom:

12.) trying to befriend the camp goats:

11.) when your mom asks if you want to go to day camp next year:

12.) Coming home after living with your best friends at camp for a month:

13.) Handshake, hug, or highfive?”

14.) When your bunk doesn’t win inspection at the end of the session:

15.) When you have an athletic activity but have no athletic ability #goldstarfortrying

16.) trying to earn pep points during color games:

17.) When someone in your bunk is a participant in the game show:

18.) when storm procedures are finally over:

19.) CAB night:

20.) That one girl in your bunk who wins every game of jacks/ UNO/ cards:

21.) When trainees get up to eat and then they call for seconds:

22.) When you reunite with your camp friends during the year:

23.) When it’s halfway through the school year and you are ready to go back to camp:

24.) When you let the junior campers do your makeup in their bunk “salon”:

25.) when color games breaks:

26.) Anytime you get a chance to be around creampuff:

27.) Visiting Airy when you are a Junior/ Senior:

Visiting Airy when you are a Trainee:

28.) when canteen is canceled:

29.) bubble balls:

30.) “where SUSTENANCE comes from our HANDS!”

31.) Holding on to the hope that you might go midnight bowling:

32.) When you think of all that camp has given you:

33.) When it’s time to go home at the end of the summer:

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