Airy Outdoor Adventure is sometimes an underrated part of the camp program. Sure, everyone is WOWED by MegaZip when they drive into camp (a dual 850-foot zip line that launches from a platform six stories above ground) … but so much more lies out of sight in the woods.

The camper-adventurers in today’s blog picture are geared up for some initiative course work. I was nostalgic about my own days as a camper, working alongside bunkmates to climb ropes, traverse obstacles and achieve numerous team goals. It was at “Tent City,” “Outpost” and “Pioneer” where I overcame a fear of sleeping in the woods. I learned (sort of) to build a fire, and realized that I could do hard things.

Participating in Airy Outdoors, as well as taking park in many Airy Hike Department outings (I fondly remember hikes with Mike and Marv), helped me to appreciate more than ball fields and the swimming pool. I think it’s why one my favorite bunk or unit activities has always been a hike. Specifically, a favorite excursion is to Cunningham Falls and the adjacent lake area. It’s hike-able in about an hour, maybe 90 minutes with a larger group. Climbing around and splashing in the Falls, and relaxing on the “beach,” were two cherished memories. As recently as Summer 2019, our Unit F campers hiked to the lake and falls as a celebratory trip for Senior Division graduation.

With two-plus weeks remaining in the session, I look forward to seeing what other adventures await our campers.

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