Bunk Life

Sharing a bunk with several boys may seem unnerving at first, but the experience of living with others helps teach your child life skills they cannot get anywhere else. The bunk experience at Camp Airy is your child’s first (although controlled) brush with independent living, and with that comes a comprehensive education in social interaction and mutual respect that will have you singing camp’s praises long after summertime has ended.

“Camp Airy made me who I am today–I developed most of my life with the bunkmates and counselors who would become my best friends, and continue to cherish the friendships and experiences I’ve had with my own campers and counselors while on staff.”Joseph F.

Bunkmates bond throughout the day’s activities and build strong relationships during the quiet downtime inside the bunk. Each bunk is led by three in-bunk counselors, who provide guidance and serve as role models for the boys under their care. It’s a regular occurrence to see campers playing cards with their counselors, and looking to one another for advice on everything from how to improve their jump shot to asking a girl to dance at the next Airylou cross-trip.

Here are some reasons why your child will benefit from the summer camp bunk experience:

Airy camper reading

1. Teaches Responsibility & Independence

Summer camp is the first time your son will be living away from home. Sharing a bunk with 10 other campers and three dedicated counselors is their first, albeit sheltered, dabble with independent living, and the responsibilities it entails. Your kids will learn to care for their own possessions – and to treat items belonging to others with respect. They will routinely work together to keep their bunks clean and make decisions without the pressure of trying to please their parents.

Airy campers playing cards in bunk

2. A Greenhouse for Social Growth

Within the walls of a bunk, boys are exposed to a multitude of social situations. Bunkmates learn to navigate the situations, shed awkward or displeasing feelings and learn to make allowances for one another. These are skills that will benefit them throughout the course of life – in school, on the job and within relationships.

Airy boys in bunk

3. A Chance to Make Deep Connections

Sleeping in a bunk means being seeing a lot of each other. Your child’s bunkmates are the first people they see in the morning, and the last ones they say goodnight to before falling asleep at night. When campers live together under the same roof, they are given an unprecedented opportunity to forge deep, meaningful relationships. Often those who went to summer camp as kids describe their former bunkmates as lifelong friends, with these relationships continuing well into adulthood.

Airy boys by bunk


Sharing a living space forces campers to consider others’ personal space, boundaries, feelings and preferences. Campers learn how to allow for others’ privacy and how to make their privacy wishes known. Campers also grow a greater sense of self-respect as they begin to understand the intricacies of sharing the bunk and its responsibilities.