Meet Our Directors

Marty Rochlin

Director, Camp Airy

Starting as a camper in 1984, Marty filled nearly every role at Camp Airy – counselor, unit leader, assistant director – before being named Director in 2014.  In fact, this is his second time working for camp year-round, after a two-year stint as a full-time assistant director in 2000-01.  Before coming back as Director, he worked in the school system as a teacher and administrator, helping prepare him for his current role.

During the summer months, it’s his job to be responsible for everything that happens at camp.  Which means during the off-season he has to “prepare camp to be AWESOME”, working to recruit & retain campers, meeting new families, interviewing and hiring staff, participating in training and conferences, plan for upgrades to camp itself and connect with alumni.  As he puts it “if I do it right, all I have to do in the summer is tell bad jokes and oversee the Wheel.Of.Birthdays.”

His favorite thing about working at camp is that he gets to both work and play at the same time.  His family often joins him for the summertime in Thurmont – his wife Pam teaches during the school year and fills a variety of roles during the summer, and his daughter Lilly has spent many years at our sister camp, Camp Louise.  And his dog Rory quickly became a favorite to everyone who visits Marty’s cabin.

Quotable Quotes: “Live life joyfully.” and “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Zac Plotkin

Zac PlotkinEngagement Coordinator/Trainee Division HeadAssistant Director, Camp Airy

Zac brings something to the table that not many of our staff do – he’d never been to Airy or Louise before joining us on staff (he’s not a complete outsider – his two sisters did go to Camp Louise)! However, he spent years working at other camps, and brings all of that experience to running the Trainee Division for Camp Airy.  During the offseason, he also helps recruit campers and staff members, and works on integrating new ideas and experiences into our Trainee leadership curriculum.

He truly enjoys the positive impact that camp (and his role as the Trainee Division head) creates for so many people. In training the next generation of leaders for Camps Airy & Louise, he’s looking beyond just the skills needed for a great summer – and that includes how to set up a tent and cook around a campfire (two passions of his own). He spent a year after high school living in Israel, giving him worldly experience he brings to his current role.

Quotable Quote: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller