Special Events & Competitions

At Camp Airy, no session is complete without some kind of special event competition. We culminate each of our long (3 and 4 week sessions) with the ever-popular Airy Olympics, pitting the green team against the white team in contests ranging from athletic to creative to cleanliness (yes, points are given based on bunk inspection and cleaning up around the camp)! For more than 50 years, campers have been participating in this incredible tradition, uniting as a team for the three-day event before saying goodbye and returning to the outside world.

But, competition at camp isn’t limited to just the Olympics. Bunks compete against one another in sports leagues. Campers play against one another in games of strategy like Catan and chess. And it wouldn’t be Camp Airy without a card game or two – Hearts, Spades & Rummy are as popular today as they were with our grandparents years ago. Competition binds us to one another, and gives us a chance to celebrate our wins and console each other in loss.