Special Events & Celebrations

At Camp Louise, there’s always a special camp-wide event or celebration happening. During each of our long (3 and 4 week) sessions, we compete against our friends in Color Wars, where every color has its own unique theme competing in contests ranging from athletic to musical to creativity! This long-standing tradition is a favorite time for every girl at camp, where they get to join with other bunks and try new activities outside of the normal camp routine.

Special events doesn’t just mean Color Wars though. It also includes Jewish Chicks Rock, where girls form rock bands with their peers and compete on-stage in a “Battle of the Bands”. And there’s always something on-stage at Jill’s Place – our brand-new State-of-the-Art performance center! Dance concerts, plays, musical theater and so much more brings everyone at Camp Louise together for memorable evenings on-stage and under the lights.