Medical and other summer forms should be returned to the camp office by the date specified.
Forms will be available by February 1 and may be found in your Camp InTouch account.

Camps Airy & Louise’s Health Centers must be notified in writing of any pertinent medications or health diagnoses (these are to be included in the Online Health History and Printed Medical Form that is completed by your physician). Any mental health/emotional issues must also be called to our attention. At the time of your camper’s check-up, your family physician should provide us with accurate, up-to-date information about your camper’s health and list the purpose, frequency, dosage, and instructions for any prescribed medications or over-the-counter medications to be administered on a regular or “as needed” basis.



In accordance with the highest safety standards, we require all campers who take prescription or over-the-counter medication to enroll in our Medication Distribution System through Finksburg Pharmacy. You will receive information about this process with your Medical Forms. When you arrive at camp, your camper’s medication will already be at the camp Health Center. Camp Airy and Louise medical staff will supervise dispensing of all medications. Campers are not permitted to medicate themselves.

Health on Arrival

Your camper should be healthy before leaving for Camps Airy & Louise. If he or she is in any way indisposed, departure should be postponed and the camp notified. If possible, the camper’s session will be rearranged.

Campers are screened by our medical staff upon arrival, before their parents leave camp. No camper will be admitted if he or she is suffering from any skin or respiratory infection on arrival. Campers who are found to be unwell upon arrival at camp will be sent home and admission will be postponed.

Health During Camp

Because of regulations concerning strep throat cultures, we will be sending any such cultures to laboratories in the area. These cultures will only be done if we feel they are essential in determining the exact diagnosis and extent of an illness. The cost for such a lab analysis cannot be included in the session fees and is the responsibility of the parent or the parent’s insurance carrier.


No child will be admitted if, upon arrival and before his/her parents leave camp, he or she has any evidence of pediculosis (headlice), including nits. Head lice are present in all school systems and may be evident without symptoms. It is imperative that parents begin checking their child’s head every day beginning three weeks prior to camp, in order to leave adequate time for treatment.

To facilitate checking your camper’s hair during camp, please be sure there are no braids, dreadlocks or the like; they will have to be removed upon arrival. If your camper is found to have lice or nits while at camp, treatment will be administered on a case-by-case basis.


Accident and illness insurance coverage is included in the camp fees. This insurance is a secondary insurance policy with a $50.00 deductible and a maximum coverage of $2,500. In case of an accident or illness requiring out-of-camp treatment, you will need to first file a claim with your insurance provider. Camps Airy & Louise’s insurance policy will only become active once your insurance benefits have been exhausted.

Parents are responsible for paying the deductible on the camp insurance policy as well as any amount beyond the maximum coverage amount. For this reason, please be certain to include your personal insurance plan information with your Health History Form. Any changes that may occur before the start of the camp season must be made in writing.


If your camper has asthma, please send the following that functions with the medication order from Finksburg Pharmacy.

  • Immediate acting and preventative inhalers should be ordered through our Medication Distribution System.
  • Spacer for use with the metered-dose inhalers. (Asthma experts recommend that an inhaler always be used with a spacer to ensure correct medicine delivery.)
  • Peak Flow Meter. Serial measurement of peak flow permits much more accurate evaluation of the degree of asthma than merely listening to the lungs; proper care of asthma requires peak flow measurements.
  • Each Health Center has a nebulizer, but if your camper has/uses one, please consider sending it with him/her so that each camper can use his/her own nebulizer.

General Medications

Doctor’s Order

A physician’s signed order with explicit directions is needed for each and every medication, treatment, over-the-counter medication, vitamin, etc. your camper will need. Your Medical and Medication Form will capture this information from your physician. Note that no medications may be brought to Camp, with the exception of Epi-Pens and inhalers. All medications (prescription, over-the-counter, or otherwise) must be ordered through Finksburg Pharmacy.