Staff FAQs

Where are Camps Airy & Louise located?

Camp Airy is located in Thurmont, MD which is about an hour from Baltimore or DC and 2.5 hours from Philadelphia. Camp Louise is merely 20 minutes away in Cascade, MD. In the local area, there are shops like Wal-Mart, Lowes, Sheetz and movie theaters. Camps Airy and Louise are about 30 minutes from Historic Downtown Frederick, which is a popular place for nights off.

What is the staff accommodation like?

Both camps have about 30 renovated and modernized bunks. Counselors get a twin-sized bed, a set of drawers and closet space. In some bunks the counselor bed is in a separate room attached on to the bunk. Out-of-bunk specialist counselors sleep in separate cabins in either a single or shared room with a bathroom.

What other facilities are there for staff members?

Counselors and staff members get to hang out in the staff lounge or the cabana during their down time, and are permitted to access the camp WiFi during certain times of day.

Do Camps Airy & Louise have WiFi?

Staff have access to the internet but are asked to only take advantage of it during rest periods and time off. The internet is centralized to three to four locations on camp grounds and is password-protected.

Is the kitchen open to counselors and staff outside of mealtimes?

No, but each camp offers a staff-only dining room that is open in the evenings.

How do I get around without a car?

Being in a small town in the mountains has its perks, but it means we do not have access to public transportation. Both camps provide designated drivers and vehicles to help staff members get around locally. Sign-up sheets allow you to travel with your friends to areas up to an hour away, including DC and Baltimore, or further depending on the circumstances and if given enough time in advance to plan the trip. Also, you’ll find that staff members with cars who live nearby may invite you to hang out with them during time off, such as visiting their homes or other local destinations.

I have a car, but do I really need it?

You will never be asked to drive campers in your car. You may find that it is convenient to bring your car for nights and days off, but you are not required to. You can choose to stay at camp during your time off and spend the time relaxing in the counselor’s lounge. However, if you decide to bring your car, it will be parked in front of the main gates to camp and monitored by security guards. You are not allowed to park inside camp for safety reasons, unless a medical condition requires different accommodations.

Is there any compensation for additional certifications?

Yes. In some cases, we will provide a slightly higher salary for selected certifications and skills, including archery, lifeguard certification and WSI, and may occasionally contribute towards the acquisition of such qualifications.

What kind of equipment/supplies will I get to work with?

In our activity departments, equipment and supplies are annually evaluated to be updated or replaced as needed. Whether it’s high-quality sports equipment on the field, Mac Books for the studio, waterslides at the pool or go-karts in the extreme sports department, we stay modern in our programming and facilities. To see a complete list of facilities, visit our facilities pages for Airy and Louise.

What if I need to order more supplies / new equipment?

You’ll see your department head or unit leader.

How often are nights/days off?

Staff typically receive one day off (which includes both an evening and following day) and one night off each week (in which case they need to be back at camp before the evening curfew).

When are staff/counselors allowed to leave camp grounds?

Only during their days or nights off or with express permission from senior Camp staff.

How many hours will I be on duty for each day?

Staff are expected to be “on duty” whenever they are at camp, but scheduling around activities will vary from day to day.

What are the campers like at Camps Airy & Louise?

Our campers come from all over the USA, with a large contingent from the DC/Baltimore area. Our campers come from all types of socio-economic backgrounds.

I’m not Jewish. Will I feel out of place?

Camps Airy & Louise are incredibly inclusive and not just when it comes to religion. We often have staff members who do not practice Judaism and we welcome that diversity. Camp teaches children to appreciate Jewish values and traditions which are all central to being a good person. We have found that in the past, non-Jewish staff members have appreciated all the Jewish aspects of camp.

How do I apply to work at Camps Airy & Louise?

We thought you’d never ask! If you’re interested in joining our community, submit a staff application form. If we find that your skill set meets our summer needs, you will be called for a follow up interview. You’ll be asked for a background check and two letters of recommendations. Please send additional information to our Baltimore office.

I can’t commit for the whole of long session. Can I still join the staff for a short session, rookie camp, or other shorter period of time?

Please contact us at with specific questions on this topic, as availability will vary for these opportunities.