Do you feel it? The temperatures are slowly rising, the sun is starting to stick around a little longer, and just like that you are thinking of camp.

At the office, we haven’t stopped thinking about camp. In fact, we started planning for Summer 2015 before Summer 2014 was complete. Below is a list of new things at Camp Airy this summer.


Last summer during first session, Bunk 27 pitched an idea for a playground to the sharks of the Camp Airy edition of Shark Tank. After winning support, the plan for the playground began. In fact, construction is almost complete! Read the full story.

Downhill Upgrades

The gym received new basketball hoops and repaved floors, while the skate park area has been relocated, resurfaced and will be home to several new elements. The baseball diamond will have an outfield fence, a new backstop, and two dugouts. The BMX track has new twists and turns in store for riders. And in case you missed it on the Facebook page, Log Rolling is coming to Airy!

Multimedia Department

Led by Max Siskind, this department will work with video cameras, audio equipment, creative writing and editing software to create content all summer long. Be sure to check out our Vimeo feed throughout the summer to see what campers come up with!

New Office

Well, sort of. We’ve moved back to Bill’s Place and the offices underneath the White House. The building you know as last year’s office (BOJC) will be the “Welcome Center” and will also house our new Multimedia Department. It can also serve as a rainy day location.


This is another throwback we are reviving. A few nights a week, you will get to choose activities to participate in – sports, arts & crafts, rocketry, board games, Culin-Airy, ropes, extreme sports, music – and much much more!

Special Guests

As you can see, we are inviting an amazing group of guests to camp this summer. We’re thrilled to be welcoming back some returning groups, as well as brand new guests, including:

Airy Rock Project

This summer we will host Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman for a week. During that time, these rock stars will set up bands and teach you how to jam on a variety of instruments.
Dates: July 3-8

Rick Recht

That’s right! Rick Recht is considered the pioneer of the Jewish rock music genre and is the founder of Jewish Rock Radio. Rick will be performing a concert (and doing some staff training). Check out our favorite song.
Dates: July 25-26

Scales & Tales

Another visitor to camp this summer is Scales & Tales, bringing live animals to share with our younger campers.
Dates: July 9 and July 24

dankolko1Dan Kolko

Dan Kolko is the MASN Field Reporter for the Washington Nationals (and an Airy alum)! Dan will teach campers in the Multimedia department how to create their own reports during live Airy sports action.
Dates: TBA

Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown was a contestant on the SpikeTV show, Framework (and an Airy alum)! Garrett will teach and instruct campers how to build furniture.
Dates: TBA

Coaching Guests

This summer, Camp Airy will host coaches of a variety of sports. Check out the full bios for the Coaching Guests for this summer.
Hunter Lochte– Lacrosse, June 28 & July 26
Matthew Miller– Soccer, TBA
Matt Kohel– Baseball, June 24 – 27, and August 1 – 5
Greg Karpers– Basketball, July 5 – 15

Digital Changes

Camps Airy & Louise are enhancing our presence online.

Online Camp Store

Now, you can buy your camp gear online from our brand new store called Everything Summer Camp. We will be adding new swag, so don’t hesitate to make a suggestion about something you would like to see offered on the website. Order the latest and greatest so you can be prepared for summer.

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CampInTouch is your portal to summer forms, photos, and emails. Through your personal account, you will (or hopefully have already) download all forms and enter information needed in preparation for camp. This includes Health History Forms (due May 1st), Bunking Requests (due May 1st), the Code of Conduct (due May 1st). You will also use your CampInTouch account to access summer photos and emails.

If you need any assistance with your CampInTouch account, contact the office at or 410-466-9010.

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Brand New Website

Take a look around! For over 90 years, Camp Airy has been the helping campers to find their inner awesome. Now we have a website that guides you through that journey. Do you have recommendations for improvements? Please share feedback and any other content you’d like added to the website to

Can’t you just start picturing yourself in the summer sun, at camp with your friends (some of whom you probably haven’t even met yet), enjoying all the fun we have to offer? It’ll be here before we know it. Keep counting down the days until we are all back in Thurmont, Maryland. See you soon!

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