Summer 2020

May 27, 2020

It is with heavy hearts that we write you today with the decision to not host our 2020 summer camp sessions at Camps Airy & Louise.   Although we were planning on announcing this decision on Sunday, Governor Hogan’s announcement this afternoon preventing overnight camps from opening has caused us to make the formal announcement today.

This was an incredibly difficult decision, one that was made after two months weighing all options and considering all of the professional input and guidance from trusted resources (including the American Camp Association, CDC, Maryland and local health departments, our own medical team and many others). Ultimately, this prudent decision ensures both the safety and well-being of our camp community and our ability to deliver the camp experience our families and staff have come to expect.


As our Camps Airy & Louise family-partners we hope we can rely on your expertise in knowing your children best, as we ask for your support in passing along the news about the closure of our treasured camps for Summer 2020. Before you do so we suggest you take a moment yourself to absorb the news so that you can give your full attention to directly engage your children wherever they may be.

If you’re concerned more than usual about the nature of your child’s response, don’t hesitate to seek help. Family, Friends, Our Camp community, or a mental health professional in your local area. 


How to Help Your Kids Handle Disappointment

Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Resource Guide for Students, Teens, and Young Adults

Parenting Teens in a Time of Crisis

American Camp Association’s COVID-19 Resources for Parents

If Summer Camp Closes: Embracing the Moment and Opening the Door for New Opportunities for Families

On June 5, you will receive an email with instructions on how to designate the direction of your fees paid toward summer 2020. Below are links to dates and rates for the choice of “Enrollment Rollover.” This is the best way to have your camper registered for summer 2021.

During the process announced on June 5, your enrollment rollover will be customized with the applicable session and discount for each camper.

Dates for summer 2021:
CIT: June 25 – August 15, 2021
1 Long: June 27 – July 23, 2021
2 Long: July 26 – August 15, 2021
1 Short: June 27 – July 9, 2021
2 Short: July 11 – July 23, 2021
Rookie 1: July 26 – August 1, 2021
Rookie 2: August 2 – August 8, 2021

See the attachments below for rates and your camper’s applicable discount (Note that 2021 rates have risen only $20 per week from summer 2020 rates):

If your camper was a returning camper in 2020, click here for the rates.

If your camper was Rookie Camper in 2019, click here for the rates.

If your camper would have been a first time camper in 2020, click here for the rates.

Please contact us if you have ANY questions about registration for summer 2021.

I missed the Zoom Town Hall Meetings on Sunday, May 31.  Can I please have the links to the recording so I can review?

Click Here for the 2PM Town Hall – for families with all 2nd – 9th graders.

Click Here for the 4PM Town Hall – for families with at least one trainee.


What are options for our fees from summer 2020 and how do we let Camp know our selection?

On June 5, families will receive instructions on how to designate their fees from summer 2020. In that form, families will have the following option of either an Enrollment Rollover or a Refund.  After selecting Enrollment Rollover or Refund, families will be asked to consider making a tax-deductible donation from their 2020 fees toward The Tomorrow Fund.

During a typical summer, we enroll over 85% of our “next summer” campers on the last day of camp at pick up. Similarly, the enrollment rollover option will allow families to enroll for 2021 (with a “Register in June” discount – similar to our normal “Pick Up Day Discount.”)  If you want your camper to attend Camp Airy or Camp Louise for 2021, this is the best way to enroll – at the best discount.  See the Summer 2021 Dates & Rates tab for more information.


What is the cancellation policy if I select an Enrollment Rollover to 2021?

The cancellation policy for summer 2021 has not changed from previous summers.  Families may cancel by December 31, 2020 to receive a full refund.  Additional details about cancellation fees after January 1, 2021 are included in the Enrollment Rollover application.


What if I received a One Happy Camper or PJ Goes to Camp Award?

Each foundation will make an individual decision regarding their 2020 awards. We have encouraged all foundations to protect the funds awarded and allow them to be used toward summer 2021. You may have to reach out to the individual foundation to understand their policy. At this point, PJ Goes to Camp has confirmed that awards will be protected for 2021.  We have no other updates from other foundations at this time.


What if I was awarded a campership for summer 2020?

Families that received camperships for summer 2020 will receive an email by the beginning of September with the process for summer 2021.


Who can I reach out to with a question about re-enrollment that may be unique to my family?

Please email with your question and someone from our team will follow up to discuss.


If I select refund, when will my refund be processed?

We anticipate that refunds will begin to be processed in August and may come in several installments.  We anticipate refunds being fully complete by October 2020.  Thank you for your patience.  If you have a financial hardship and would like to request prioritization for your refund, please email with your request.


I have more questions – who can I contact?

Please email with your question and someone from our team will follow up to discuss.


If you need to, please reach out to us with general questions and concerns and we’ll point you in a helpful direction. After all, asking for help is the most effective form of self-care.

Alicia Berlin
Director, Camp Louise

Marty Rochlin
Director, Camp Airy

Neil Berlin
Director of Operations, Camps Airy & Louise

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