The musical options at our disposal to commemorate the 2021 Camps Airy & Louise CITs first social are plentiful. Of course “We Are Family” comes right to mind. After all …

“Everyone can see we’re together as we walk on by
And we fly just like birds of a feather I won’t tell no lie
All of the people around us they say, can they be that close?
Just let me state for the record, We’re giving love in a family dose”

The answer is a resounding “yes.” Thanks to Sister Sledge.

From a geographical and altitude perspective, Camp Louise could quote Garth Brooks and say “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places.” Except in this case, the Airy CITs traveled UP the road to Camp Louise for lunch, so perhaps a more fitting tune would be “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. In either case, LL Cool J sums it up best for any and all CITs – “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” Our CITs grew up with us, and each other.

At both Airy and Louise, the CITs are rockstars. Younger campers look forward to a CIT spending time with their bunk. Older campers look to CITs as role models. Directors look at them proudly with strong feelings – we were Airy and Louise CITs; we were unit leaders for Airy and Louise CITs; we are proud to see these campers grow into leaders both in camps and out in the world. And one of us has a daughter who is a Camp Louise CIT – are we that old?!?

It give us such positive feelings that our 2021 CITs can gather for the first of what will hopefully be several summer get-togethers. Our camps and our camp families have made health and wellness a priority, and the result has been our ability to confidently alter the “bubbling” at camp to allow more mixed groupings. As the first session of Summer 2021 rolls along, we are excited for what’s in store, and we know that the group leading the fun will be our CITs.

So long until the next blog,
Alicia & Marty

This Week’s Airy Birthdays
7/12: Marco – staff
7/13: Zack
7/14: Matthew – staff
7/15: Julian – staff, Alec
7/16: Paul – staff, Josh, Ethan, Jordan
7/17: Ethan – staff
7/18: Luc – staff

This Week’s Louise Birthdays
Leah – Bunk 26
Noa – ST

Carly – Bunk 31
Nora – Bunk 16
Abby – Bunk 34

Aria – Bunk 29

Mia – Bunk 30
Mia – Bunk 35

Lilah – Bunk 34

Airy Menu

Waffles Pulled Chicken Sandwiches Turkey & Gravy
Scrambled Eggs French Fries Mashed Potatoes
Cereal / Fruit / Yogurt Cole Slaw Green Beans & Stuffing
Pasta / Salad Bar Cranberry Sauce & Rolls

Louise Menu

French Toast Casserole Grilled Cheese Hamburgers & Hot Dogs
Scrambled Eggs Tomato Soup Corn
Melon Tater Tots Potato Salad
Granola Salad Salad

Today’s Weather
High: 91°F | Low: 70°F
A lovely, warm day in both 21719 and 21788 … what else would you expect?!?

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