… and we just can’t hide it. The Pointer Sisters said it best!

Finally the day arrived … the excitement, the build-up, the anticipation:

Let it be known to all that upon the close of each full session at Camp Airy, the entire camp will come together to participate in an event that is designed to embody the Spirit of Camp Airy.

The two teams will be given a designated color of either GREEN or WHITE and the counselors chosen will assume the title of GENERAL.

The August 2021 Olympics kicked off on Wednesday evening as our one, big Airy family donned their respective Green and White. We all gathered at the Cohen Theater for Opening Ceremonies, skits and cheers. One of my favorite things to see is how folks who are new to camp make sense of Olympics. I watch their faces – campers and staff alike. Their eyes get wider and wider as they take in the sights and sounds – the costumes, the body and face paint, the rhythmic clapping, and the decibel level when a team cheers after earning points.

As we pressed pause on Olympics last night to sing our “Goodnight Song,” we remarked to everyone how impressive their spirit and sportsmanship were, and that we were surely in for a great Olympics. As the Airy Olympic Charter states:

For the events that will ensue, the GENERALS will lead the campers and staff through events that are designed to challenge and inspire each individual to reach for personal excellence while striving to promote their team toward victory. In the atmosphere of friendly competition, camaraderie, and fair play, the teams will reach for higher goals, push their expectations farther and contribute toward the spirit of Camp Airy.

What started tonight with Pep Rallies – General Guppy inspiring his Green Team, and General Will pumping up his White Team – continues Thursday and ends Friday. Sports and songs and scavenger hunts … OH MY! There are so many points to earn, and so many memories to make.

So long until the next blog,

Today’s Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Scrambled Eggs Chicken Sandwiches Hot Dogs
Hash Browns Tater Tots & Mixed Veggies Cole Slaw
Cereal / Fruit / Yogurt Salad Bar & Pasta Bar Baked Beans
Popsicles Salad Bar & Pasta Bar

Today’s Weather
High: 97°F | Low: 70°F
Hot … then rainy … then a beautiful night for Olympics to begin!

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