We Are The Champions

You are looking at a real-life winning Camp Airy Olympic general … Will, leader of Willy McFly’s White team, came from behind to beat the General Josh and the Green. Not only was it a close Olympics, but the weather necessitated that we move the Tug of War to after dinner. Well, the competitive tugs took more than a few minutes, so we brought out some lights for the field. POOF! Any already exciting and dramatic Olympics now had a prime time feel, as the last few team tugs were under the lights. We did some quick post-Olympics crowd polling … the evening under-the-lights tweak might become a thing…

Congrats to both teams, campers and staff alike, for a wonderful Olympics. We purposefully schedule our Airy Olympics at the end of the two camp sessions. The anticipation and build-up, combined with strong bunk bonds that have been created and strengthened over the course of four or three weeks, brings about an experience not to be missed. The sports and songs and skits and silliness are on full display.

I am so proud, and also a bit jealous, of the staff and campers who take part in our Airy Olympics. Sure, us older staff get drafted, and we even contribute to the points being accrued with a funny line in a skit, or a well-played hand in Spades. There is so much spirit in the air. Teammates pulling for each other, cleaning the bunks together, belting out songs and cheers together. What a way to wrap up a session.

And what a way to wrap up the Summer!?! On Saturday, we will spend Shabbat preparing to go home, and celebrating our 2021 CITs, and of course enjoying Rocky’s Pizza. It has been our pleasure to have these campers take part in this “Back in our Summer Home” season. Thanks for being part of it. Let’s do it again next summer!

So long until the next blog,

Friday’s Menu

French Toast Sloppy Joes Matzoh Ball Soup & Challah
Scrambled Eggs French Fries Brisket
Cereal / Yogurt / Fruit Salad & Pasta Bar Latkes and Veggies
Apple Cobbler

Friday’s Weather
High: 97°F | Low: 70°F
It was HOT today … but it cooled down in time for a wonderful end of Olympics and start of Shabbat.

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