Rhythm of the Night

DeBarge encouraged us in 1987 to “forget about the worries on your mind,” and that’s one of the best parts of a summer at Camp Airy. Pictured today are campers banging on djembe drums during a music period with Dan. Both in the Airy music department and all around camp, music plays a big part of life at Airy.

Up and down the hill each day, campers walk alongside their counselors who blare tunes from blue tooth speakers. Classic rock, Miley Cyrus and all kids of dance tracks can be heard all along the hill. At the pool, Airy’s swim staff (SWAFF) always put on a fun playlist during daily free swim. In the Parkour gym, an action soundtrack plays as campers run and twist and climb.

Then there is the Music Pavilion, home of drum circles and rock band and a digital music studio. Much of the work and practice that takes at the Music Pavilion eventually converts into a performance for all of camp at the Theater and Village Row Basketball Court areas. On Fridays, Shabbat services and song session and Israeli dancing bring some of camps favorite music. “Big Rig” and “Bim Bam” are new and old classics.

There’s more of the same on Saturday morning services, and a bit more with Havdalah on Saturday night.

No matter where we are, the “Goodnight Song” is a warm and musical way to wrap a camp program. And if there was pizza on the menu, you can be sure the CITs are leading our favorite repeat after me song – “Pizza Man.”

It’s all music to my ears.

So long until the next blog,

This Week’s Birthdays
8/2 – Charlie; Zac (staff)
8/3 – Paul (staff); Gordon (staff)
8/4 – Elias
8/5 – Graham; Oren
8/6 – Max
8/7 – Oliver

Today’s Menu

Scrambled Eggs Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Chicken Souvlaki
Homefries Goldfish Pita & Hummus
Mini Bagels Pasta & Salad Bar Couscous & Israeli Salad
Cereal / Fruit / Yogurt Pudding Pasta & Salad Bar

Today’s Weather
High: 81°F | Low: 61°F
Who’s got better weather than us? NOBODY!

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