The band Queen has given us so many super songs over the years, but none so perfect as this one as we feature Camp Airy Extreme Sports and our new biking skills course. The skills course (pictured here) was added for this summer, and follows the Summer 2019 introduction of the pump tracK. Now integrated together, the whole riding area marks the newest addition to Camp Airy Extreme Sports. It is fair to say WE WILL ROCK YOU!

The Camp Airy Extreme Sports Department includes: BMX and Mountain Biking, Mountain Boarding, Skateboarding, Go Karts, Paint Ball, Parkour and Go Karts. When I get the chance to talk to other colleagues in the camp world, our extreme sports offerings are always a popular topic. The number of camps that offer extreme sports is small. It is something that stands out. And when you combine our extreme activities with the traditional camp things that campers have a chance to pursue at Camp Airy, we are able to say WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.

The first time a camper tries a new extreme sport, they may feel UNDER PRESSURE. There may be a sense that the element or activity is too much to conquer … a case of ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!?! But then a camper gathers up his courage and/or sense of adventure – and then the soundtrack flips to DON’T STOP ME NOW. Much credit goes to the staff of the Extreme Department … for several years, it’s been Sean and Gary and Mikey and Scott who have help set the program’s direction and taught skills to so many people. We didn’t know a thing about Parkour at first, but we met Mark and Elijah and Simeon. And in our own backyard of Baltimore, we connected with Jason about a skate park design.

Queen also sang THE SHOW MUST GO ON, a fitting mantra for this come-back-togther-summer of 2021. Being back at camp together feels right … perhaps it’s a CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE?!

So long until the next blog,

7/3 – Max and Sammy

7/4 – Jesse

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