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Thanks to “The Archies” for today’s blog song introduction. If “Smores” is the answer, the question must be “What are our favorite camp foods?”

6. Make Your Own Sundaes – A camp staple, MYOS lets the whole camp community share in an ice cream party. Staff scoopers and sprinklers fill campers’ bowls as they walk through the line. Depending on the summer and the session, a band plays live music or a staff deejay spins some tunes. Be careful – the whipped cream tends to start flying through the air.

5. Wing Night – Camp Airy campers and staff know how to eat wings! Teriyaki, BBQ, Buffalo … we love them all!

4. Egg McAiry – Camp’s twist on a favorite breakfast sandwich, we love this fried egg and slice of cheese on an English Muffin or Potato Roll.

3. Grilled Cheese – Goldfish crackers swimming in tomato soup accompany this camp classic. I personally enjoy a scoop of tuna on the side.

2. Shabbat Dinner – The menu speaks for itself: grape juice, challah, matzoh ball soup, chicken or brisket, potatoes … DEE LISH.

1. Pizza Bagels – A pizza bagel on the first day of camp is quintessential Airy.

Honorable Mention – S’mores, Chicken Tenders, Mac N Cheese and those chocolate chip cookies!

Not included – food from Airy’s Cabana; Rocky’s Pizza, Sheetz and Campteen.

Bon Appetite!

So long until the next blog,

Today’s Menu

Omelets Mac N Cheese Grilled Chicken
Hash Browns Tuna Rice Pilaf
Cereal Pasta Bar & Salad Bar Cauliflower
Fruit & Yogurt Ice Cream Bars Pasta Bar & Salad Bar

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High: 88°F | Low: 70°F
A sunny Wednesday in Thurmont

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