July 4 at Camp Airy was a “PARTY IN THE USA.” In this year’s celebration, we saw aliens “COMING TO AMERICA” in search of answers. Their spacecraft crash-landed on one of Airy’s ballfields. Perhaps they were in search if “AMERICAN PIE?” Because the aliens were not “BORN IN THE USA,” they had never met an “AMERICAN WOMAN” (neither The Guess Who nor Lenny Kravitz). Some think they were looking to visit us at camp in order to keep on “ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD.” Notable camp alum Hulk Hogan commented “I AM A REAL AMERICAN.”

Earlier that day, the 2021 Camp Airy CITS performed their annual wake-up-the-camp duties with patriotic fervor. At the line-up that followed, there was as Jimi Hendrix guitar tribute. There was an unofficial Camp Airy history account about yours truly – we’re still fact checking some of that. There was the Pledge of Allegiance, the Start Spangled Banner and even a USA themed “Stuff Stuff Stuff!” It was a close battle between “America” and “Camp Airy” … that ended in a tie!

In other July 4 Airy festivities, breakfast featured red white and blue in the form of waffles with strawberry AND blueberry toppings. Lunch was a burger and dog cookout with “rocket pops” and dinner was a delicious and messy barbecue chicken. DEE-LISH!

You might think the day after a big celebration day at camp might feel like a let-down Not at Camp Airy … as a walked around our morning activities today, the fields and facilities were abuzz! I stopped by basketball, soccer, parkour, creative arts, and football … my walks up and down the hill were full of high fives and fist bumps (followed by hand washing and sanitizer). Camp is up and running full speed ahead … 1 week down, 3 to go! That was fast! STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER!

So long until the next blog,

Birthdays this Week
July 6: Tom – staff
July 7: Landon
July 8: Jason, staff
July 10: Jack; Adam, staff
July 11: Yoav, staff
July 12: Marco, staff

Today’s Menu

Scrambled Eggs - plain and cheese Grilled Cheese Chicken Souvlaki
Home Fries Tomato Soup Pita
Bagels Goldfish Couscous
Cereal & Milk Pasta Bar / Salad Bar Israeli Salad
Fruit & Yogurt Ice Cream Pasta Bar

Today’s Weather
High: 90°F | Low: 61°F
A warm and sunny day in Thurmont!

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