Middah of the Week – Friendship/Chaverut


What a great way to end the week (and the summer) with this middah of friendship/chaverut! Friendship – it’s what we are all about here at Camp Louise.

There were SO MANY girls nominated to light candles with me this week. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • These two girls exemplify the true meaning of friendship every day since the moment they got to camp. Not just this week, but every week, these campers help their friends with their daily jobs, they help clean up after meals, and they always make an effort to include everyone. They are always respectful to their counselors and bunkmates.
  • She was nominated twice! One camper told me that when she was walking back to the bunk from breakfast, the nominated camper let her borrow one of her favorite sweatshirts even though she was cold too.  When the camper was going to have to miss the Chocolate Lady for Dance Concert rehearsal, she shared her fudge and chocolate pizza.  The nominated camper has comforted her, she always asks how her day is, and she has been a really great friend.  All of these acts of friendship are SO appreciated!
  • She is always kind and inclusive to everyone in the bunk no matter what. The bunk has been doing a compliment washing machine activity at night, and this camper put in the counselors’ names without them even knowing so that they could feel good about themselves too.
  • She is always caring and supportive to both campers and counselors. She always has a smile on her face and puts her all into everything. She is a great friend to everyone in the bunk.
  • She has been an amazing friend to so many and she has shined in particular this past week always helping others. She is truly special and everyone is so lucky to have her as a friend.
  • She is such a fabulous kid, and she is consistently kind and understanding to every single person in her bunk. She constantly proves that she is a great friend because she is always willing to help out girls in her bunk. She is one of the most gentle-hearted kids.  She truly wants the best for all her bunkmates.
  • She always branches out to get to know new people. She enjoys becoming friends with people she didn’t already know. Not only is she friendly to everyone but she is also always there for her friends whenever they need her.
  • She puts others before herself. She is the first to congratulate a friend, comfort a friend, and just be there. She is inclusive, caring, positive, and personable. She makes others feel wanted and important. She genuinely wants to get to know every CIT. She ensures that no one is ever alone. She walks with girls who are alone, she leaves her group of friends to sit with someone sitting alone, she invites others to join her.

A friend isn’t just someone you like. A friend is someone who makes you a better person. How can you be that kind of friend to someone else?

There are so many great quotes about friendship. As the summer is drawing to a close, this quote comes to mind…

Good friends are like stars.

You don’t always see them,

But you know they are always there!

Shabbat Shalom,


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